The "mega" port to be built in Granadilla, near El Médano: the end of the island as we know it.

Very few locals, and even fewer tourists, are aware of what's planned for this area of the island: a huge port which in the short run will pollute all the surrounding area, and in the long run destroy the beaches of El Médano, La Tejita, La Jaquita-Windsurf, and other coastal areas within a 5-km radius of the planned port (according to well-documented studies carried out by reputable entities). Not only will the beaches be destroyed, but the influx of goods and people will cause havoc in the area: more than 2000 trucks a day will be entering and leaving the port, transporting hazardous and other goods to and from the north of the island.

What's more, the local fishing industry will also be destroyed: the port will be built in an area supposedly protected by the European Union for its unique ecosystem and where most of the fish which are caught in the south of the island breed.

The transfer of large quantities of fuel will no doubt result in spills and pollution, affecting the marine life, and other flora and fauna unique to this area. All this, to benefit a few, with the blessings of the local politicians.

Recent estimates put the cost at more than 300 million Euros, for the first phase alone, 3 times the money spent on the flamboyant new auditorium in Santa Cruz, money which could be spent to build and maintain for many years decent hospitals in the south and north of the island, just for one example.

Will the ships come to Granadilla? No-one knows for sure, it depends on "negotiations", according to the authorities. A 300-million-Euro gamble with only a few winners: those who receive European funds to build the port, leaving the islanders (the tourists will no doubt stop coming due to the filthy conditions) to face the drastic consequences

The environmental impact study carried out by the authorities was mostly copied from another, sketchy study. This study did not approach the facts from a disinterested point of view and was seriously lacking in reliability and credibility due to the fact that it never took into account the size of the proposed port.

The local politicians claim they are interested in a moratorium on building and in improving the environment, but are backing the port wholeheartedly. They are not informing the public, mainly because there is no justification except that of making a few individuals richer. Most of the "justifications" mentioned are totally unreasonable: they say that the port in Santa Cruz is obsolete, but the reason is that the authorities are more interested in the "big money" that the mega-port will bring them and are not investing in improvements; in any case, the port in Santa Cruz is more than sufficient for the island's needs. They say that the S/C port isn't big enough: a look at any time of the year, at any time of the day, will be enough to see that the port is under-utilized - rarely are the docks completely occupied. They say that the port in S/C isn't deep enough, when it's deeper than the one in Las Palmas and deeper than the planned megaport. They say that S/C needs to open up to the sea, but building marinas for private yachts and restaurants in S/C cannot justify the destruction of the island's economic engine: tourism in the south.

If you want the island of Tenerife to conserve the few natural beaches left in the best of conditions, please let the European Union commission hear your protest: download the PDF form in english, make any changes you see fit, and send it to the European Union Commission in Brussels.

On the 24 of June 2003, the European Union accepted the protest presented by Greenpeace for study in the section of the European Commission's General Direction of Environment. At the right you can appreciate the vast amount of information which has been gathered against the building of this port. These are just some of the documents: if you would like to know more, please contact ATAN at: .



Montaña Pelada

Photos (spanish descriptions)

- Infographic model of the port
- Playa del Vidrio
- Sky photo
- Montaña pelada
- Playa de El Tambor
- "Médanos"
- Petrol on the beaches of El Medano
- El Río Beach
- El Médano beaches
- Construction at El Médano
- Montaña Roja and beaches
- La Tejita beach

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