The coasts and sea

Strangely enough, the Canary Islanders know very little about the immense natural riches to be found in the seas around their coasts. ATAN is fighting to conserve this marine and shoreline environment, which is constantly being threated by mass tourism and related development. The threats come from many quarters: discharges of untreated sewage and other effluent into the sea; industrial waste; oil spills and illegal cleaning of oil tanks at sea; dredging of the sea floor to build artificial beaches; massive building schemes right up to the shoreline; destruction of coves; overfishing; uncontrolled sports fishing - the list is endless.

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ATAN reports

Port of Granadilla
- A project that will destroy half the island.

Fast ferries
- Fast Ferries - pointless gas-guzzlers 05/11/2004

Las Teresitas' Beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
- The Council is only interested in real estate development at Las Teresitas and couldn't care a damn about those using the beach. 01/12/2004

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